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Using World War II as a context for a romantic movie is not easy. You have to balance all dramatic aspects without ignoring the whole horror of the war itself, let alone one at the center of which was genocide. That’s why a movie like i’ll Find you seems praiseworthy from the start. As a trick, all you have to do is praise anyone who is doing this.

However, the story in I get you could be accused of being too simple. There is little to say beyond the central conflict of a couple who cannot be together, even when they are supposed to. A war may consist of simple circumstances, but if you can’t be together, you just have to use War as the main reason. And that’s okay. It works this time.

Directed by Hollywood veteran martha Coolidge, I’ll Find you tells The Story of Robert and Rachel, two musicians who are deeply in love but have never had a chance to be together. Religious differences and war now. Robert is mentioned as a potential opera icon, and Rachel is playing for the Nazis. When he finds out where she is, he goes to Germany to look for her on a very peril mission.

It Is an extremely romantic film. I’ll get you to work mainly because there are great tracks in the middle, and you really believe in its tragic journey. Movies of this type don’t have to be realistic, but there must be a lot of chemistry to animate them. Above horror, above roughness, love must prevail, but we must believe in it.

You will notice familiar faces, and they are not visible in the film. Each of them plays a major role in the film, and Coolidge allows knowledge to work in favor of his character. They are accompanied by an ensemble of performers who do not look uncomfortable in a film period that, perhaps, would not look better. Coolidge is in charge and shows it.

One thing I can’t figure out: how did this production stay in indie territory? The film looks great. Coolidge cleverly uses the frame to reveal as much as he can. If there was a budget restriction, it is definitely not noticeable.

I’ll get you to look at the horrors of war in a different way. This is not an action movie that casually tells a love story. We don’t need that in the movie. Instead, we get a character-based film that shows trauma through reactions and terror through dramatic presence.

The film has its detractors and yes, it’s normal. People are not used to films that do not pretend to be on Schindler’s list. The scales are different and there is no problem with that. Sometimes fiction can be blended with history and stories full of human heart and drive can be told without being too dramatic. I enjoyed this one when I had to enjoy it.

Oh, and I would love to see Stephen Dorff on screen. That guy can make everything better in an instant with a few scenes.

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