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Love in Kilnerry has every chance of being a success. It’s an offbeat comedy with enough clichés to make you remember some sleeper hits about a city rising from the ashes with a compelling narrative that can also be quite funny. Quirky characters, cronies with more than raunchy attitudes and a romantic story at the center that revolves around a “it was always meant to be” message at the end. You’ve seen this before, and it worked.

But should it always work? Comedies of this style usually depend only on characters with enough chemistry to make us last until the end. Funny scenes also help. But this is rarely seen in Love in Kilnerry, a film that works especially when it adheres to the common clichés in the format to which it reminds: plays. It’s pretty obvious that Daniel Keith is sticking to his comfort zone in a movie that’s never supposed to be stressful. In the chair of the actor, the writer and the director there is only one mind. But this doesn’t mean that the movie feels consistent enough to blow our minds.

However, it’s funny enough to make us watch. Most of the time.

In Kilnerry, a town full of elderly residents and people who really want to leave, something is happening. An environmental agency has announced that the water supply needs to be cleaned and they will use a chemical with a very particular side effect: those who consume the water will find their libido increased. To the point that it needs to be announced.

The sheriff tries to maintain control, but it is almost impossible when an entire village “wakes up” and becomes a venereally frenzied organism that cannot be controlled. This makes Love in Kilnerry an appropriate setting for several vignettes to be shown as a result of the ecological mess.

The problem with the movie is that it’s too aware of its premise. There is no innovation in what you would expect from most of the characters and the one in the center is extremely attracted to his most conservative form and ends up being an annoying display of power. When the movie doesn’t revolve around him, he’s actually nice by nature.

But it’s only because those supporting characters are given enough screen time to confirm our suspicions about those clichés. You will laugh, not wholeheartedly, but you will.

The movie is a sustainable story until some of the jokes become repetitive and, in the midst of the raunchy aspect, there is a show of innocence that doesn’t do much for us to care about its main character. It wasn’t meant to be this time, but sometimes I just supported her loss.

Love in Kilnerry is a comedy set for the whole family. It is optimized for general audiences who do not expect much from a plot about venereal awakening in the most unlikely places and population. If that makes you laugh just because of its improbability, great! You will like this!

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