Check Out the Knock at the Cabin

you are my friend, Wen. Whatever happens, I want you to remember that.”
Eric and Andrew take their young daughter Wen on a holiday vacation in the woods. Cute cabin, beautiful views and lots of grasshoppers for wen to catch and record (steam girl alert!) But when a stranger approaches Wen with a request, things will soon be less than relaxing. In fact, when Leonard’s “co-workers” show up, things get exciting.

Genre I want to put it in: modified adaptations that work
Release date: 2023
Remake, sequel, based on or original: based on the award-winning book “The Cabin at the End of the World” by Paul G. Tremblay

I have to say: I love to read Tremblay stuff. He has a gloomy and dark vision that somehow attracts me instead of repelling me. His book “The Cabin at the End of the World” combines domestic invasion (a subgenre of horror that I usually can’t stand) with apocalyptic horror (one that I don’t seem to get enough of) in a claustrophobic and frightening journey into the existential, with questions about our purpose on Earth and the uncertain nature of love. It’s definitely a lot, but it’s worth it. Cabin takes Tremblay’s thoughts and does not dilute them, but makes it a little prettier for the “average viewer”, and in this matter? It works very well. I’m not sure if I’m here to say that M. Night back Baybeeee… but I want to shake his hand and congratulate him on a job well done.For people who have read the book, I’m sure you have a question about that thing that happens halfway through. And in the cabin, that does not happen. Instead, m goes. Night in a different direction that keeps the overall themes of the story intact, reappearing the way the story ends. And how the deviations from the script led to a slightly different, but satisfying story went. In fact, after sitting down with the differences a bit, I think I like the ending of the movie a little more. Here I use a question mark, because there will always be times when I want a real gloomy darkness, but for all intents and purposes, I am a simple girl who likes stories with a little mythological loop. I said too much. Continue on.

About the bloodshed and bodily destruction that is in front and in the middle of the book? Let’s say I’m surprised that the cockpit is rated R. the deaths, with almost all the roughness, occur off-screen and/or after the camera zoom out of what is about to happen. R is for language. Intense and / or realistic roughness (even if the consequence is off-camera)? For example, Till had more roughness on his face, but of course the matter was very different. So don’t go into the booth thinking you’ll see something from Ish. I mean, Will you, a little? The people at FX let some things drip, and their work is extremely subtle and beautifully executed. But it’s definitely not the splatterpunk that could be.

Let’s sweep up the usual points, shall we? The acting is awesome, with special thanks to the performance of Dave Bautista as Leonard, the Giant Man with a heart of gold… and pure terror running through his veins. He Is a character with layers and nuances, and Bautista understands the task perfectly, giving performances that make me want to see him in more dramatic roles. As the daughter of eight-year-old wen, eric and Andrew, Kristen Cui is truly adorable and does not have a single whiff of Pretentious childhood Syndrome. It’s a delight in the Dark World of the cabin. And Hey, M. The night in a cabin has only a brief cameo, rather than getting into the thick of things. Well done, friend!) In the meantime, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect cabin for the cabin; it’s gorgeous and I want to live there now, please. Congratulations to all set designers and people of art for creating something so realistic and charming. As the film progresses, the cabin serves as an echo of the norm that the family desperately tries to adhere to, with the rest of their world changing and turning. I also love how the props are kept exactly the way the characters left them, which I’m likely to enjoy to a minimum after watching too many low-budget schlockies in recent days. I’m happy anyway.

However, a little caution. The cabin may not be for everyone. Yes, people who hope for blood will be disappointed. So others will expect more of a deep apocalyptic setting; while you’ll find more of that here than in the book, it’s the back and forth between the characters that take center stage in the cabin. And the dark, introspective, pensive-type ways the plot unfolds may be too philosophical for people looking for a light night at the multiplex. M. Night gravitates towards stories that have deeper and more philosophical bends, and that certainly attracted this story. Although it is not always the mark (the occurrence, anyone?) Cabins show that you can still create a very interesting film if you have solid bones to build on. In addition, you can leave the theater and have a great discussion with your friends about what you would do if you were in the situations of these characters. Tell me how that goes.


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