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Warren Pereira’s excellent documentary Tiger 24 allows you to ask very uncomfortable questions. Ignoring the ecological aspect of the production itself, the director lends a helping hand to his subjects and yes, opens the window on the other side. Tigers aren’t necessarily finishing machines, but they have the potential and that’s a very important discussion.

Perhaps, it is the selling point of a film organically embedded in a collective mind that has an agenda based on the care of animals. Today, what we are and how we think. In the documentary, there are glimpses of a past when a executer deserved a trophy. It has been forgotten for a long time.

Today, it is another challenge, but in the primitive sense, that terrible consideration of a beautiful kingdom still has a shadow. One that we madly invaded into civilization. In a terrible disaster, the city and the countryside at the heart of animal activity went crazy. A filmmaker asks the right people and starts to get unstuck. The story is one that goes beyond an accident, but never exceeds the limit of speculation.

Tiger 24 is a brutal exploration of the facts. It’s never exploitative, but it has a real crime that doesn’t feel very common when it comes to these matters. Pereira goes deep into the jungle to understand animal behavior and experiences different shades of tradition ranging from survival to religious. Animal conservation in India is a big problem. And tigers are longer than this. They are sacred.

However, there is one that the man managed to strike and maim. When Pereira investigates (always with a camera in his hand), he comes across more matters. This information adds fuel to a type of social fire in which multiple sides defend their perspective. The tiger was transported to a zoo and nature is a thing of the past. Surrounded by walls, the tiger walks back and forth seeking refuge in an entire man-made scheme that seems inexplicable.

Again, it is also terrible when the facts are revealed. The details of the massacre are only applicable in the construction of Pereira based on animal activism. Even if the actions are monsters, it is impossible to see this beautiful animal as a victim of something else. A separate scene of men jumping walls is a great illustration of that bigger picture. The one we have to look at when starting to judge some of the comments given in Tiger 24.

With a beautiful and touching score, the film conveys a sense of wonder and secret, while seeing the realistic and fatal. This is not a good picture of our relationship with animals. It is the beginning of a conversation that we should have in modern society about how we can live with creatures that do not have the ability to adapt like we do Moderna. And if we can’t see that, where does that leave the haunting question: if “who should be on the brink of extinction?”

Pereira’s long mission for more than a decade has been admirable and has been filtered into a great film that is not easy to forget. If that’s what we wanted, he did a really good job with this one.

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