Check Jurassic World Dominion movie review

Story: Really? That’s fair enough. Dinosaur. All over the world. The OG Park team and the world-ies team up to gank prehistoric grasshoppers. Trust me, join in.

Genre, in which I would classify it: silly fun with Dinosägers!
Release date: 2022
Remake, Sequel, Based on or Original: Really, Part 2? That’s fair enough. A part of all the Jurassic Thangs.

What’s up?: Should I have deleted this the moment I saw it the morning of the opening? Yes. Yes, I should have. But since I forgot to sign up for this press screening, do you think you’ll get a glimpse into the parts of my brain about this movie in time? You know me better than that. But in matter you are the three or four people who are reading this mom blog and haven’t watched Dominion yet? Go and take a look at it. Because Dominion is an absolutely mindless enjoyment that’s perfect for warm “Gimme some fun while I enjoy the air conditioning in this theater” days.

Do you think you know what will happen when the plot unfolds? Yes, you’re absolutely right. In 100% of matters, you will guess exactly what will happen next. How do you remember the OG movies? Oh baby, you’re gonna love anyone who gets shoved in your face. Is one of the main actors even in the slightest peril? Well, something like that. But like the brown hornet, they all naturally escape unharmed. What did you think would happen, would director Colin Trevorrow mess with the success? Absolutely not, my friends. I was hoping someone would save a cute kitten, because this kitten would not only survive with this cast, but probably also pull out a Spinosaurus or something. You know, in the sweetest way.

So does that sound like a boring Pablum to you? You’re crazy. Dominion absolutely rocks. The action is fast-paced, the dinosaurs are fucking entertaining, the strange prehistoric grasshoppers are total (apologies to everyone I worked with when I volunteered at the Inverthaus at the National Zoo; these guys with mistakes are creepy), The Big Business Is Bad CEO is eeeee-vile without being too moustachioed, and it’s Michael Giacchino’s score that perfectly uses parts of John Williams’ Jurassic rhythms and combines everything into a magnificent whole. Also, Big Momma/Rexy is loud and proud, ready to tear down and protect her place in the world. Yes, even she survives. What? As if this is a spoiler? Are you new to this series?

Come out and enjoy. Dbox/Shakey seats are recommended, but are not essential. However, you will want to see this on the biggest and largest screen you can manage. Have some popcorn. Take a candy. Grab a medium-sized soda: After 2 1/2 hours or so, which seems to be forever in the pre-movie commercials and trailers, you don’t want to miss the cool effects/a fun callback while running around a bit, and enjoy. Do you want depth? Take the A24 or something. A24 is awesome, but sometimes you need a little awesomeness. Dominion is great.

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