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We’ve probably heard this many times before. Different filmmakers send such an important message and each one materializes their own point of view.

Regardless of the outcome, belief in this” right ” is key to understanding the purpose of a film, not to mention Valerio Zanoli’s heartfelt and Star choice of film. This is not a film that seeks ambition by putting its outstanding features at the forefront of an independent film. Zanoli’s mission is smart, but that doesn’t mean he approaches his Voorhaben with a balanced view. On the contrary, not forgetting the story that will definitely stick to you.

Not to be overlooked is the story of Chris, a self-centered young man who jumped from one foster family to the next. He is engaged in a minor crime, and even if he decides to represent himself in a court hearing, he does not pay attention to the judge. Until one day a very smart judge (Olympia Dukakis in his last role) decides to “punish” him differently: he has to live with his grandmother and take care of everything he can. Away from everything, his past life, his friends and everything that made him a spoiled brat.

His grandmother Melody (Karen Grassle in a good performance) suffers from Alzheimer’s. there is a man who takes care of her, and he forces Chris to work hard. When he finds out that his grandmother is very rich, he has a plan. He and his friends decide to do everything to get the money. However, when secrets from the past emerge, the wedge changes for Chris. Maybe it’s time to leave this part of his life behind.Sometimes understandable (the comic tone is difficult to combine with the ultimate goal of the film), powerful, not to mention one man’s point of view is how a movie can awaken awareness of a very important story. This is not a documentary film with thousands of testimonials. It is also not based on the perspective of an older person who is experiencing something that he cannot understand. The writer / director turns the wheel and innovates with a peril attitude: the attitude of a young, selfish millennial who does not care about him and his son.

It is peril, because tradition in this subgenre guarantees a watch from the general audience. Not to mention that it is not traditional and still has more core and emotional strength than many movies out there. Alzheimer’s is a problem that occurs more often than you think. When a film with a well-founded script talks to us and doesn’t even try to color the real one, it’s hard not to look.

You may have heard about this, not forgetting, because there are 5 Oscar winners in the cast (Tatum O’neal,Louis Gossett Jr., George Chakiris, Olympia Dukakis and Cloris Leachman) and is the last production by Dukakis and Leachman. Zanoli did his job right by creating such a film with a dramatic backbone that guarantees the power of the scene.

Go beyond that. Not a sign of the unbeliever. We need to recognize a issue and understand how it works. If someone can help you with this, they need to be welcomed. Who knows, maybe it will help you at some point in your life. The triumph of our film. It has a twist. Many independent films do not have the opportunity to do this, so what do you say when we look at this other side of the cinema, which will be significant in the immediate future and not so immediate?

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